Camilla Gryski

Before becoming a metal textile artist, Camilla Gryski was a teacher, children’s librarian, writer, storyteller and therapeutic clown. She holds masters degrees in Library Science and in Holistic and Aesthetic Education, and a certificate in the Foundations of Expressive Arts. Her
introduction to metal textiles during her jewellery studies dovetailed with her longtime craft practice and research and publication in the area of the fibre arts.

All of my pieces - whether jewellery, small sculptures or miniature baskets - are created using a variety of traditional textile techniques. I weave, net, knit, twine, crochet and coil long lengths of copper, sterling and fine silver wire. Small stitches of one kind or another are repeated to gradually build the form. The process is meticulous, patient, meditative, and organic. It pleases me that my work can be worn on the body or cradled in the hands.