Married Metal Rings

The unique look of a married metal ring is created by combining two or more colours of gold. Using several different tones of metal enables us to create a design with depth, movement and intricate detail, much like a mosaic.

With the chosen pattern, the goldsmith draws the design to scale on paper. This scale drawing becomes the model for the pieces for the ring. Each gold piece is cut separately, using a miniature coping saw whose blades are as wide as a piece of sewing thread. This fine saw blades allows us to shape intricate pattern pieces from the gold sheet.

After the different gold pieces are cut, we fit them together in the correct pattern, much like a puzzle or mosaic. Then the ring pieces are soldered into place permanently. Stone-setting and other embellishments -- like carving and polishing -- are done after this.

Finally, the ring is stamped for purity and with our Metalworks trademark so the customer knows that their custom-designed married metal ring is a genuine, one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.