peruvian engagement bracelet, red, and silver

The Peruvian Engagement Bracelet

Elise and Graham had been dating for four years when they decided to travel together to Peru and trek the Andes. The trek they followed is called the Salcantay which ends at the famous Micchu Pichu. It was at Micchu Pichu, high in the Andes, that Graham proposed to Elise. In keeping with the Peruvian cultural traditions, he proposed to her with a Peruvian engagement bracelet.

These bracelets are made with seeds from a plant that grows in the Amazon. They are dyed red and black: these colours representing the duality of the masculine and feminine coming together. —The marriage of two people.

Unfortunately, Elise lost her orginal proposal bracelet. But, luckily, her finance bought more that one bracelet because, at the time when he was buying it, he couldn’t decide which one she would like better, so he bought a few!

Elise brought one of the ‘other’ bracelets to Metalworks and we were able to make her a new engagement bracelet in sterling silver using the traditional Peruvian seeds which, most importantly, honours the spirit of the original bracelet.